The Arts Committee invites you to attend 2 Winter Workshops in the New Year from 1 pm to 3:30 pm at MCH.  Susan Packie will conduct a “Fleece Blanket Workshop” on Thursday, Jan 15 for $20.  Judy Elzer will conduct a “Memory Collage Workshop” on Thursday, Feb 12 for $15.  Click here for information on the Collage Workshop.  Click here for more information on either of these workshops. 

Kathleen Scheier, Vice President of Standards and Practices for the A&E Networks, will be presenting the Wise Wonderful Women talk at the Community House on February 26 at 11:30.  Kathleen’s topic is “How the [BLEEP] did I Get Here: My Journey to Becoming a Television Censor.”  The deadline for reservations is February 20; see the Flyer on this website for further details.  Kathleen loves what she does and promises to have “stories and stories” to tell.  Click here to join us!

To access Home for the Holidays Tea Sandwich Recipes click here.

The Thursday Morning Club is a social and philanthropic organization which owns and operates the Madison Community House, the Community House Nursery School and the Before and After School Care program.  Since its inception the club has provided support for community programs as well as a meeting place for Madison’s sports, recreational and civic groups.



The Community House is available for rent for specific events.  
here for information.

 Madison Community House

25 Cook Avenue
Madison, NJ 07940

Phone: 973-377-0244
Fax: 973-660-0121

Hours:  9:00 am - 4:00 pm